Are you in contemporary class? Jazz? Tap? Here are a list of clothes you can ADD to the class leotard & tights. Below are also things you cannot wear in class. Always best to ask what is appropriate in class! These items are available for purchase at Salt & Light or you can bring from home!

Oops! Here are some things that are NOT permitted in class. Shorts without tights… nope nope! Crop tops or bra tops? Nope, no thank you! Leotard & tights must be worn at all times.

In contemporary & jazz classes, most are encouraged to be barefoot! However, blisters and callouses can form and a few options are available for your student. Half soles, contemporary socks, jazz shoes, & jazz sneakers are a few that we will recommend. Again, these are not required but might be something to look into. We so offer these at Salt & Light and will fit your student if needed.

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