Adult Classes

Many of our classes are opened to adults, however, some have been created only for adults! Whether you are the red belted martial artist, the tap dancer that never lost their rhythm, or the cheerleader that wants to see if she can still do that tumbling pass… we are here for you!

Or perhaps, you always were intrigued with Fred Astaire & Michael Jackson’s talents, when the music comes on your just have to move to NKOTB, maybe you never had an opportunity to try a backhand spring, or always wanted to be a ninja. Maybe you need a class to stretch, and wind down from the day, end with a few laughs and then head to the sauna. We are here for you! Keep scrolling to check out the schedule!

Barre: an evening class to wind down the day or a morning class to start the day! Awesome music to build strength and flexibility with the assistance of a ballet barre. Yoga mats, therapy bands, and therapy balls are also using in this class to maximize your time in the studio. End the class with a cool glass of cucumber water or a book a session in the sauna!

Tap: American style tap dance with the assistance of a ballet barre to start. Upbeat music from the classics as well as new releases. Tap is an entire rhythmic production that unlocks unseen talents!

Jazz: a class that focuses some of your favorite Broadway shows and YOU get to learn the choreography!

Don’t see something you want? Give us a call! We can add classes to the schedule!


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