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Our mission at Salt & Light is to create an inclusive, safe, and inspiring environment where all people can learn to love, appreciate, and celebrate their bodies. We strive to cultivate joy, passion, and self-expression through movement, while encouraging our students to build self-confidence and find joy in the journey.

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Butterfly Ballet is by far our most popular class. For 24 years we have created and cultivated classes for the 3-7 year old student. Lessons is rhythm, posture, shapes, colors, patterns, as well as the use and terms of all dance positions and steps. Your student will come home speaking of arabesque, soutenu, pas de chat, and so many more. We are excited to offer Butterfly Ballet as a combo class with tap.

Butterfly Ballet I: Ages 3-5

Butterfly Ballet II: Ages 4-6

For placement, please speak with registrar.

Ballet classes are offered from ages 3 to adult. Classes are taught in the classical approach with each class participating in full barre & centre exercises. Class time will be approx. 50 min to 90 min depending on class level and student placement based on abilities and experience.

Students will be placed in classes per discussion with the registrar and high ballet instructor.

Tap classes are by far the loudest class you could be apart of! Broadway tunes, big band, classic jazz, modern pop, and international music mixed with rhythms you make with your feet, is a class that makes you smile! Classes are taught with the Al Gilbert approach in American style tap. No experience is needed.

Ages 3 through adult.

Contemporary ballet combines both classical ballet techniques and modern dance. It allows a greater range of movement than classical ballet. All students are required to take a classical ballet class in order to participate in contemporary.

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