Hello dear families!

As we gear up for recital season, we just want you to know how proud we are of your students and their commitment to this performance. It truly takes every person rehearsing their choreography and lines and showing up to class and rehearsals to put on a great show, and we want your students to know their work does not go unnoticed! With that said, just a reminder that being in class and arriving on time is imperative for these weeks leading up to the recital. Would you help us build their confidence leading up to the recital by encouraging them at home for all of their effort? We know you have a powerful voice in their lives and that encouragement can mean the world to them!

We have a couple of updates and details for you. Below is a schedule of the performance week – please note: dress rehearsal in the theatre has been moved to Friday, May 12th.

* “Call Time”- This term is used several times in the schedule below. This means that dancers arrive with hair and make-up done prior to arriving on-site. If your student is in multiple classes with different call times, please arrive at the earliest call time listed.


Monday, May 8th: Rehearsal for everyone BUT Butterfly Ballet students from 4:15-7:30pm.

Tuesday, May 9th: Dress Rehearsal (hair, makeup, proper undergarments, etc) for all BUT Butterfly Ballet – they will still come! But regular class wear is fine. Practice for recital hair, though, is encouraged!

     4:00-8:30pm – B5+

     4:45-8:30pm – B3, B4, MT

     4:45-6:45pm – Butterfly Ballet 1 & 2  

Thursday, May 11th: No rehearsal but we will have a masterclass for all Ballet 5+ levels from 4:15-6:00pm to come take a ballet class for maintenance of technique and stamina before the show.


Friday, May 12th: Dress Rehearsal *please send dinner with your students – something that does NOT need a microwave*

Please bring a beach towel or blanket for kids to have a designated area in the dressing rooms provided. This way we can keep track of their belongings.

     3:15pm – Call time for levels B5+ (if you can’t make that time because of school, etc, just send Miss Sarah a text)

     3:30pm – Warm Up Class

     4:45pm – Call time for levels B3, B4, MT

     5:45pm – Call time for Butterfly Ballet students (parents advised to stay but not required)

     6:00pm – Dress Rehearsal Begins

     7:15pm – Butterfly Ballet students released

     All other levels will be released by 9pm (possibly as early as 8:30pm, depending on how the rehearsal is going)

*No photos or videography during Dress Rehearsal

Saturday, May 13th: SHOW DAY!!!

Please bring a beach towel or blanket for kids to have a designated area in the dressing rooms provided. This way we can keep track of their belongings.

Parents are not allowed backstage unless authorized and obtain a backstage pass. A check-in station will be set up for 1 parent to take their child back, as needed, to their designated area to assist in changing into costume and dropping off.

     1:00pm- Sound Check for Logan Dalton, Jack Reynolds, & Katie Mil (Please arrive at 12:50pm)

     2:00pm- Call time for levels B5+

     2:15pm- Warm Up Class

     3:50pm- Call Time for ALL Musical Theatre

     4:00pm- Sound Check for ALL Musical Theatre

     4:30pm- Call time for levels B3 & B4

     4:45pm- Call time for Butterfly Ballet students 

     5:00pm- Doors Open

     6:00pm- Show Begins

Information for volunteers will be sent out soon to the individual volunteers! If anyone is still interested in volunteering for the recital, please let the front desk know!

* No photos or videography allowed during recital. A Recital Video may be made available following the completion of the season.

* Students are welcome to take photos in their lovely costumes with friends and family following the show. However, they will need to leave them at the theatre, hung up as instructed, prior to leaving TWU for the evening.

Please note, classes will continue in May after the recital. Keep an eye out on your email for upcoming information regarding the May schedule and last week of classes.

Looking forward to a fantastic Cinderella show and a fairytale ending to our school year at Salt & Light! Stay tuned for our summer camp and class schedules coming out soon!

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